Tips for Choosing a Top Performing Conference Speaker

If you are organizing a conference, then you should find the right person as the conference speaker. The speaker at an event can determine whether your event will be interesting and memorable or the one that people would want to forget fast. By hiring a wrong speaker, it is devastating because you will not only waste the money but people will be skeptic about attending the subsequent events you organize. Even though other aspects of the function are vital, most people who attend it will concentrate on what the speaker will say and thus, it has to be captivating. Identifying the right conference speaker who will deliver a keynote speech on the agenda can be challenging if you have no experience in doing that. Here is what you should examine in your choice of conference speaker.

Check out the speaker’s performance. You should not be easily convinced by what a potential speaker tells you but you can know what he can do by examining some of his past videos. Interestingly, many speakers have online videos which you can access and see how well they deliver their speeches and if you are impressed, you can consider them. As you watch the videos, be keen on how the speaker can capture the attention of the audience and other relevant skills.

Consider the speaker’s audience and specialization. Audience vary in every event and thus, the speaker must adjust appropriately to the audience available. Speakers have specialization in topics and audience and therefore, you should ensure you find the right one for the audience you have in mind. Do not make a blunder of selecting a speaker who does not have experience and specialization in the subject area.

The speaker should research about the topic. Your speaker must be well prepared to deliver a speech that will captivate the audience at the event. Inform the speaker about the topic early so that he has enough time to research and familiarize with key issues. Avoid conference speakers known to repeat their past speeches and thus, underperforming.

Find out how the speaker’s prominence sells. If you want a high attendance, it is advisable to look for a speaker who is a celebrity. Celebrity speakers are well known and by inviting them, a lot of people will be interested in attending the event. You might have to spend a lot of more to hire a celebrity speaker but it is worth it because you are confident of getting high attendance.

Opt for a highly interactive speaker. Most people do not consider how a speaker interacts with the audience yet it is crucial. It is not enough for a speaker to be at the podium only and he should utilize the opportunity to interact with audience. Request the speaker to arrive at the venue early so that he get adequate time to mingle with the attendants.

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